Killing a Mockingbird

Assure your child she is
safe within the confines
of your embrace; tell her she is

free from fright within the bounds
of your sight. Convince her that
a voice as sweet as hers deserves
no other ears than yours; let her

feel that to be free, safe, and sweet she
needs no noise, she needs not
speak. Make her believe that

silence is the air she must
breathe; then show her your candor –
cut her tongue.



buried bones

The waves bring back buried bones to life. From beneath the crampled carcass of the lake seethe the songs of the dead. Bones once quiet now lay scattered, tossed away from each other by the current,
by the fish.

A skeleton wails for a lost pair of ribs, which are not devoured by the silt but trapped in another’s coffin. There lying with bones much whiter, still glued to the laughter of the living. The pair of ribs still awaits, certain that completion will come: they feel the tickling of the waves’ tongue in the navel of the hill where they nestle.